Find Us

143/74, Picnic Garden Road

Opening Hour

9:00 - 5:00
Sunday: Closed


Governing Body :

  • Sashi Bhusan Ray – Chairman
  • Pramila Ray- Trustee
  • Rahul Ray – Trustee
  • Poonam Ray – Trustee
  • Sonam Ray – Trustee
  • Ram Eqwal Yadav – Treasurer

Teaching Staff :

  • S.B.Ray –, B.Ed, DHMS
  • Pramila Ray – B.A
  • Poonam Ray – M.Sc, B.Ed
  • Rahul Ray –, D.El.Ed
  • Sonam Ray – M.Sc, D.El.Ed
  • H. Singh –
  • Debjani Saha – M.A., B.Ed
  • Priya Dey – B.Sc, D.El.Ed
  • Durga Sankar Dey- B.Tech, D.El.Ed
  • Minu Shukla – H.S. D El.Ed
  • B. Saha – M.A., B.Ed
  • S. Mallick – B.A
  • Subhra Ghosh – H.S
  • Ruma Bhattacharya – B.A.
  • Kakoli Chowdhury – M.A
  • Nandini Shaw – B.A
  • Rabia Khatoon – B.A., B.Ed.
  • Neelam Ray – M.A., D.El-Ed & Others

Non – Teaching :


  • 1) Tanuja Khatoon – B.A, D.El.Ed
  • Massi :

  • 1) Parul Massi
  • 2) Shila Das

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